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We have the WINNERS! Chemical Engineering Digital Contest 2021 - Youtube Video Competition

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We've selected 3 videos (out of THE BEST 6) to win this competition as the BEST VIDEO, BEST CONTENT and FAVORITE VIDEO!

Kinardius Lukman, who currently enrolls in SMA Xin Zhong Surabaya, takes the pride of getting the BEST CONTENT video. Most judges reviewed his video positively (4.5 out of 5). Maria, one of the judges, compliments his video -- "The topics he chose aren't the easy or the fun ones, but his presentation on how vast chemistry influences our lives got me. He's so confident as well."


Meanwhile, the pastel colored-video created by Caroline, a student from SMA Regina Pacis Bogor, wins the BEST VIDEO. "Her video editing skills are amazing, and I love how she can bring the fun of chemistry into her video. Her video is a treat to my eyes" says Christian, the only male judge in this competition. 

The third award, FAVORITE VIDEO, goes to Felicia Angelin Soedjono from Harvest Center School Surabaya. With the total likes of 1300 (only in a week!), her video receives more than 600 likes. "She deserves it. Her baking vs chemistry concept is so much fun to watch.", says Shella, the Deputy of Chemical Engineering Department WMSCU, who is also one of the judges.

Congratulations to all winners! See you on the next Chem-E Digicon!​



"We bring you to the fun of Chemical Engineering". Motivated by the fun concept of chemistry and how this major has a crucial role in our life, Department of Chemical Engineering WMSCU, in collaboration with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) and Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT), invite all high school students to join this CHEM-E DIGICON

This year's theme of CHEM-E DIGICON, Fun Chemistry Among Us, shows our concern and care towards the correlation between science and our life; how close they are. The purpose of this year's contest is to recognize students who digitally demonstrate a superior understanding of the connection between chemistry and their life.


All 10-12th grade (Senior high school) in Indonesia and other ASEAN countries are welcome. The contest is free to enter.


"Fun Chemistry Among Us"



All entries MUST be a digital media (video, animation) and MUST be submitted in one of the following formats: .MOV; .MP4; .WMV; or .AVI. The language used in the video is ENGLISH, and the length of the media content should not exceed 3 minutes (180 seconds), including the opening and closing. The submitted file must not exceed 500 MB in size.

The video is submitted to the link below (see section HOW TO REGISTER AND PARTICIPATE below), and will be uploaded later (see section SCHEDULE below) by the committee to the official Youtube channel of CHEM-E DIGICON.



There are 3 awards given: Best Video, Best Content, and Favorite Video. The first two awards are evaluated by the international judge from NTUST and BUCT based on the video quality, editing, and content, while the last award is given to the video having the highest number of likes in Youtube. For the Favorite Video, participants can promote the video once uploaded, for a full week (see schedule below). 


100% Free USP to International Bachelor Program WMSCU and cash prize (1000K IDR) are available for all winners.



fun chemistry.png


Follow these easy steps !

1. Fill in the registration form in this link: 

2. Once you fill the form, you can directly start to create your video. The submission deadline can be seen in the schedule above.

3. Submit your video before the submission deadline to this link:

4. You can promote your video within the time mentioned in the schedule above to get likes.

5. Attend the webinar and awarding session to know who's the winner. We hope it's you! Yes, you!

Should you have any questions about this CHEM-E DIGICON, you may contact our crews below:

ANGELINA 081252641724

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