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PHL100I - Philosophy Antropology



Course length

100 minutes / week



PHL100I - Philosophy Antropology


TBA in every semester

About the course

Prerequisite courses


Course description and learning objectives

Student completing this course will be able to explain a philosophical reflection about human beings and philosophical thinking about the nature of human.

Topics include

1. Introduction : Authentic human being and essential dimensions of man
2. Man and human motivation
3. Man and consciousness
4. Man determinism and free will
5. Man and truth
6. Man and his desire
7. Man and crime
8. Dark side of human life
9. Man and his body: a phenomonological approach
10. Man and his work: a philosophical reflection
11. Man and people
12. Man and death
13. Conclusion: Authentic human being
14. Epilogue: Man and intimacy, love, and dealing with others


1. Casirer, E., 1962. “An essay on man”, Yale: Yale University Press.
2. Dewey, J., 1925. “Experience and nature”, New York: Dover Publications.

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