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Welcome to Tracer Study page of Chemical Engineering Department WMSCU. Your participation greatly impacted our performance and excellence.

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Tracer Study

Tracer study is a method to obtain feedback from alumni and other stakeholders, which is used to improve our quality and performance.

The result of tracer study also served as information for external stakeholders (public) regarding the competencies of our graduate.

Survey Result 2023

Type of work for our graduate

Our graduate owing the competencies to apply for various type of work, with 47% of our graduates are working at well-known companies throughout Indonesia (e.g., RAPP, UBS, Lautan Luas, LNK, and many more) And, 19% are working in international level companies. Some are also pursuing further study in national or international level.

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First-time salary

It is undeniable that chemical engineering graduates are one of the highest paid employees. Our graduates earn first salaries in the eye-popping sum of 7,600,000 IDR.


Waiting time for first job

WMSCU Chemical Engineering graduate are highly required in work field. More than half of our graduates can immediately get their first job less than 6 (six) month after graduation.


Suitability of Work Field and Engineering Competencies

Our curriculum has been designed to create graduate with competencies that is required in work field. According to the survey, our graduates have the suitable competencies.

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Graduate User Satisfaction Level

Our graduates have the skills that can satisfied the need of the external stakeholders in all aspects, including integrity, knowledge, English skill, technology usage, communication, team work, and self development.

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