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International Joint Activity (IJA) 2022 - Summer and Fall Edition in Japan and Indonesia, hosted by Shibaura Institute of Technology and Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University.  It's a wrap!

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Two in-person International Joint Activities (IJA) after pandemic were held successfully by Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) and Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University (WMSCU).


On August 1-8, 2022, fifteen students from WMSCU, 14 students from the Department of Chemical Engineering and another one from the Department of Industrial Engineering, were selected to receive the 80,000 yen of scholarship and go to Tokyo, Japan, to join the IJA SIT 2022. This event was the first in-person IJA after two years of hiatus. In this activity, the students are challenged in two competitions: (1) the egg-dropping challenge, where they have to create a method in order to safely drop the egg from the 4th floor to the ground, and (2) ice melting challenge, where they're asked to quickly melt the ice by scientific means.

Meanwhile, on September 1-8, 2022, the 2nd in-person IJA  was carried out in Surabaya and Madiun by WMSCU. Inviting 13 Japanese students from SIT and OIT, WMSCU also encouraged the highschool students to join this type of international activity. With a total of almost 80 students from 3 universities and 7 highschools, this activity is deemed as the biggest international event in WMSCU, post-pandemic. During the program in Surabaya, the students were asked to share their ideas and build a plan to tackle the environmental issues, while in Madiun, they visited 3 small-medium entreprises (SMEs) and discussed on how they can improve those 3 home industries.

"It's been a thrilling month for me to support and also hold the two in-person events during this time, but it all paid off when we see how happy the students to experience new things, to interact with new friends, creating an everlasting friendship, and how the programs shape out to be very memorable for all participating students", says Maria, the PIC of the IJA WMSCU 2022 program.

Want to get involved in our next IJA? Stay tuned to this page of our website!



International Joint Activity (abbreviated as IJA) are an annual event held together by the four universities (Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University (WMSCU), Taiwan Tech (NTUST), Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), and Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT)). Also known as Problem-Based Learning (PBL), the main purpose of this program is to offer an opportunity to the students to learn various science and technology topics through a current case study, as well as to explore a certain global issue from different viewpoints. IJA also allows students to meet a lot of international students, where students are able to exchange their cultures in order to raise an international awareness and cultural understanding, and also practice a variety of soft skills, including communication (both visually and verbally) and team building using English as the main language. The abbreviation of IJA is assigned to INNOVATIVE, JOYFUL, and ACTIVE, as these are the major aspects we, the universities, hope to bring to the students participating in this program.




IJA WMSCU is always held in the beginning of every year (around spring time, on Feb-Mar), while SIT hosts the summer IJA (around Jul-Aug). Taiwan Tech fills in the slot of fall IJA  on Aug-Sep, while the winter IJA is hosted by OIT (around Oct-Nov).  


As Taiwan Tech is currently focusing on recovering from the pandemic this fall 2022, it's our (WMSCU) turn again to host the IJA event. And this time, we excitedly announce that it will be an in-person activity!

Scheduled on September 1-8, 2022, IJA WMSCU 2022 invites two universities' (SIT and OIT) and high school students to participate in the program. Certificates are provided in this event for all selected participants, not to put aside the experience it all provides. More than 10 Japanese students from SIT and OIT are confirming their attendance this September to Surabaya. 

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So, ready to join our program and enlarge your international circles? Register yourself before 29 July 2022 (WMSCU students and high school students) by following these two easy steps! 

1. Fill in the registration form via the link below.

2. Done with the registration? Then, you're set! We will evaluate your registration, and you'll hear your participation status from our team soon.

Should you have any questions regarding the program, you may contact

1. (for WMSCU student) Mr. Ardian Roring from International Office on email:

2. (for highschool student) Ms. Chintya from Faculty of Engineering on mobile: +62 822 3331 5790

What are you waiting for? Let's go!

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