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Get insight into our research areas 

Find out the innovation and discovery of Chemical Engineers to develop a more environmentally friendly materials & processes, improving energy efficiency, enhancing food quality, producing drug delivery materials, and solving global issues.

Green Juices

Environment sustainability

Conserve natural resources and protect global ecosystems through the development of greener processes, environmentally friendly materials, sustainable wastewater treatment, to support health and well-being, now and in the future.

Modern Architecture
Parallel Lines

Renewable energy, solar & photo-electrochemical

Develop energy from replenishable resources to conserve energy and the world. Increase the efficiency of solar cells and create more environmentally friendly fuels to protect ecosystems.

Wine Bottles
Vine Leaves

Fermentation & biotechnology

Utilizing the metabolism of microorganisms to convert organic biomass into high value products. Develop bio-based processes to achieve ecosystem sustainability.

Drug and Syringe
Vaccine Production Line

Drug delivery & wound dressing

Formulating materials that allow the entry of therapeutic substances into the body and increase their efficacy and safety by controlling the speed, timing and place of drug release in the body.

Salad with Crispy Onions
Food Packaging

Food & Processing Technology

Adding nutritional value to your daily food & beverages. Developing method to prolong the food shelf-life and quality.

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