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International Joint Activity (IJA) 2023 - Summer and Fall Edition in Tokyo, Taipei and Osaka, hosted by Shibaura Institute of Technology, Taiwan Tech, and Osaka Institute of Technology. Super fun!

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Three International Joint Activities (IJA) are held this year, with Tokyo as the first stop, Taipei as the second one, and Osaka as the last stop. Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), and Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT) have the honor of hosting these activities.

August 4-9, 2023, marked the first outbound for the IJA series. Two students from WMSCU had a chance to go to Taipei and follow all the fun discussions on the topic of carbon zero emission. They also visited Yehliu Geopark, Longshan Temple, and various night markets. Meanwhile, fifteen students from WMSCU, 9 students from the Department of Chemical Engineering, 1 student from Department of Electrical Engineering, 2 students from the Department of Pharmacy, and 2 students from Department of Food Technology, had the opportunity to receive scholarships to visit SIT and Tokyo on August 15-22. Similar to las year, students are challenged to melt the ice by scientific means within the time given.

Lastly, on October 17-23, 2023, nine students from the Faculty of Engineering (7 students from the Department of Chemical Engineering, 1 student from Department of Electrical Engineering and 1 student from Department of Industrial Engineering) flies to Osaka, this time to Osaka Institute of Technology to join the last IJA this year. In this activity, they visited several cultural spots in Osaka and Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, e.g., Osaka Castle, Port of Moji, a soap company, and Ecotown.  "Having no specific theme this year made the event very exciting as we came to explore a lot of things. It was very fun," said Jenni Lie, the accompanying faculty member.

"In 2024, we plan to complete the cycle, with the 4 universities have their shares to host the IJA, as it will be the first time after pandemic," said Maria, Vice Dean of Faculty of Engineering.

Want to get involved in our next IJA? Stay tuned to this page of our website!



International Joint Activity (abbreviated as IJA) are an annual event held together by the four universities (Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University (WMSCU), Taiwan Tech (NTUST), Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), and Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT)). Also known as Problem-Based Learning (PBL), the main purpose of this program is to offer an opportunity to the students to learn various science and technology topics through a current case study, as well as to explore a certain global issue from different viewpoints. IJA also allows students to meet a lot of international students, where students are able to exchange their cultures in order to raise an international awareness and cultural understanding, and also practice a variety of soft skills, including communication (both visually and verbally) and team building using English as the main language. The abbreviation of IJA is assigned to INNOVATIVE, JOYFUL, and ACTIVE, as these are the major aspects we, the universities, hope to bring to the students participating in this program.




IJA WMSCU is always held in the beginning of every year (around spring time, on Feb-Mar), while SIT hosts the summer IJA (around Jul-Aug). Taiwan Tech fills in the slot of fall IJA  on Aug-Sep, while the winter IJA is hosted by OIT (around Oct-Nov).  


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