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CED112 - Calculus I



Course length

150 minutes / week



CED112 - Calculus I


Sandy Budi Hartono

About the course

Prerequisite courses


Course description and learning objectives

Student completing this course will be able to:
• Compute basic calculus problems using function, limit and derivatives.
• Compute basic Mathematic Engineering problems using technique of integration, function of several variables, trigonometric functions, and series and Taylor polynomials.
• Identify basic statistic problems using probability.

Topics include

1. Function, limit, derivatives
2. Techniques of integration
3. Functions of several variables
4. Trigonometric functions
5. Probability and calculus
6. Series and Taylor polynomials
7. Concept of matrix and determinant


1. Hughes-Hallett, D., Lock, P.F., et al., 2006. “Applied Calculus”, 3rd ed., New York, John Wiley and sons.
2. James, G., 2007. “Modern Engineering Mathematics”, 4th ed., Harlow, Prentice Hall.

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