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CED114 - Physics



Course length

200 minutes / week



CED114 - Physics


Jindrayani Nyoo Putro

About the course

Prerequisite courses


Course description and learning objectives

Student completing this course will be able to:
• Explain concepts of kinematics physics and thermodynamics.
• Examine physics phenomenon in everyday life.
• Explain the principle of optics and image formation.
• Assosiate to relativity theory.
• Describe the concept of quantum physics.

Topics include

1. Measurement
2. Motion along a straight line
3. Vectors
4. Motion in two and three dimensions
5. Force and motion I
6. Force and motion II
7. Kinetic energy and work
8. Potential energy and conservation of energy
9. Center of mass and linear momentum
10. Rotation
11. Rolling, torque, and angular momentum
12. Equilibrium and elasticity
13. Gravitation
14. Fluid
15. Oscillations
16. Gauss’s law
17. Nature of light and the principles of ray optics
18. Image formation
19. Wave optics
20. Relativity
21. Introduction to quantum physics


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