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CED161 - Introduction to Management



Course length

150 minutes / week



CED161 - Introduction to Management


TBA in every semester

About the course

Prerequisite courses


Course description and learning objectives

Student completing this course will be able to discuss concept of management including planning, organization, leadership, and control.

Topics include

1. Introduction and course overview: Management
2. The evaluation of management thinking
3. The environment and corporate culture
4. Managing global environment
5. Ethics and social responsibility
6. Managerial planning and goal setting
7. Managerial decision making
8. Adaptive organization design
9. Managing change and innovation
10. Managing human resources and diversity
11. Leadership and employee motivation
12. Managing communication
13. Managing the value chain, information technology, and e-business
14. Managing quality and performance
15. Profitability analysis


1. Daft, R. L., 2009. “Management”, 9th ed., South-Western Publisher/ Cengage Learning.
2. Robbins, S. P. and Coulter, M., 2012. “Management”, 11th ed., New York, Prentice Hall.

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