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CED203 - Chemical Engineering Principles



Course length

200 minutes / week



CED203 - Chemical Engineering Principles


Maria Yuliana

About the course

Prerequisite courses


Course description and learning objectives

Student completing this this course will be able to:
• Compute mass balance in a single phase system without chemical reaction.
• Compute mass balance that involving chemical reactions.
• Compute energy balance in a non-reactive system.
• Compute energy balance in a reactive system.

Topics include

1. Introduction to chemical engineering/Engineering calculations (units)
2. Engineering calculations (data analysis)
3. Process and process variables
4. Material balances (concept, general equation, etc.)
5. Material balances (single unit: flowchart, analysis, calculation, etc.)
6. Material balances (multiple units)
7. Material balances (chemical reaction concept)
8. Material balances (reactive process: molecular/atomic balances)
9. Material balances (multiple units + reactive process)
10. Single-phase systems
11. Multiple-phase systems
12. Energy balances (1st law, balances on closed/open system, etc.)
13. Energy balances (non-reactive system)
14. Energy balances (reactive system)


1. Himmelblau, D. M., Riggs, J. B., 2012. “Basic Principles and Calculations In Chemical Engineering”, 8th ed., Singapore, Prentice Hall.

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