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Prof. Ir. Felycia Edi Soetaredjo, S.T., M.Phil., Ph.D., IPU., ASEAN Eng.

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S.T., Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University, Indonesia

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M.Phil., The University of Queensland, Australia

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Ph.D., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan





Lab. Teknologi Proses


+6231 389 3933 ext. 135




Research Fields

Water and Wastewater Treatment
Process Engineering

Selected Publications

Soetaredjo, F.E., Laysandra, L., Putro, J.N., Santoso, S.P., Angkawijaya, A.E., Yuliana, M., Ju, Y.H., Zhou, C.H., Ismadji, S. “Ecological-safe and low-cost activated clay minerals: Preparation, characteristics, bleaching performance, and scale-up production,” Journal of Cleaner Production, 279 (2021) 123793 (Elsevier).

Yazidi, A., Atrous, M., Soetaredjo, F.E., Sellaoui, L., Ismadji, S., Erto, A., Bonilla-Petriciolet, A., Dotto, G.L., Lamine, A.B. “Adsorption of amoxicillin and tetracycline on activated carbon prepared from durian shell in single and binary systems: Experimental study and modeling analysis,” Chemical Engineering Journal, 379 (2020) 122320 (Publisher: Elsevier).

Simon, M.A., Anggraeni, E., Soetaredjo, F.E., Santoso, S.P., Irawaty, W., Thahn, T.C., Hartono, S.B., Yuliana, M., Ismadji, S*. “Hydrothermal Synthesize of HF-Free MIL-100(Fe) for Isoniazid-Drug Delivery”. Scientific Reports, 9 (2019) 16907 (Publisher: Springer – Nature).

Bartos, A., Anggono, J., Farkas, A. E., Kun, D., Soetaredjo, F.E., Moczo, J., Antoni, Purwaningsih, H., Pukanzky, B. “Alkali treatment of lignocellulosicn fibers extracted from sugarcane bagasse: Composition, structure, properties”, Polymer Testing, 88 (2020) 106549 (Elsevier).

Fabryanty, R., Valencia, C., Soetaredjo, F.E., Putro, J.N., Santoso, S.P., Kurniawan, A., Ju, Y.H., Ismadji, S. “Removal of Crystal Violet Dye by Adsorption Using Bentonite – Alginate Composite,” Journal of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, 5 (2017) 5677-5687 (Publisher: Elsevier).

Sellaoui, L., Soetaredjo, F.E., Ismadji, S., Bonilla-Petriciolet, A., Belver, C., Lamine, A.B., Erto, A. “ Insights on the statistical physics modeling of the adsorption of Cd2+ and Pb2+ ions on bentonite - chitosan composite in single and binary systems,” Chemical Engineering Journal, 354 (2018) 569-576 (Publisher: Elsevier).

Track Records

PT Graha Alam Sempurna (2015-2018)
PT Hartono Istana Teknologi (2013-2014)
PT HM. Sampoerna (2015-2016)
PT Unilever Indonesia (2016)


Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award, 2020
Taiwan Tech Outstanding Alumni Award, 2019.
APTIK Award 2018 in Research and Development in Science and Technology.
The 2017 OWSD-Elsevier Foundation Award in Engineering Sciences: Engineering, Innovation and Technology, East and South-East Asia and the Pacific.
Finalist of National Outstanding Lecturer, 2016
First winner of Outstanding Lecturer of KOPERTIS VII for East Java, 2016
Finalist (6th place) of National Outstanding Lecturer, 2014
Runner up of Outstanding Lecturer of KOPERTIS VII for East Java, 2014
105 The Most Prospective Indonesia Innovations 2013 (BBQ sauce from soybean; Shower gel from bean sprout; Red bean sausage)
Finalist Australia Award Alumni 2012: Outstanding Young Alumni
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Scholarship for Doctorate of Philosophy studies, Taipei, Taiwan, 2010-2013
Runner up of Talented Lecturer of KOPERTIS VII for East Java, 2010
102 The Most Prospective Indonesia Innovations 2010 (Cassava Peel Waste as Energy Storage; and Neem Leaves for Refining of Crude Palm Oil), 2010
First winner Outstanding Lecturer, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya, 2007

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