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Jenni Lie, S.T., Ph.D.

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S.T., Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University, Indonesia (2017)

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Ph.D., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan (2021)







+6231 389 3933




Research Fields

Metal recovery from e-waste
Metal leaching
Process intensification
Renewable and sustainable energy

Selected Publications

Lie, J., Liu, J.-C., Selective recovery of rare earth elements (REEs) from spent NiMH batteries by two-stage acid leaching, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2021, 9(5), 106084.

Lie, J., Lin, Y.-C., Liu, J.-C., Process intensification for valuable metals leaching from spent NiMH batteries, Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification, 2021, 167, 108507.

Kawano, S., Lie, J., Ohgi, R., Shizuma, M., Muraoka, M., Modulating Polymeric Amphiphiles Using Thermo- And pH-Responsive Copolymers with Cyclodextrin Pendant Groups through Molecular Recognition of the Lipophilic Dye, Macromolecules, 2021, 54, 11, 5229–5240.

Putro, J.N., Ondang, I.J., Lunardi, V.B., Soetaredjo, F.E., Ismadji S., Anggorowati, A.A., Santoso S.P., Lie, J., Gunarto, C., The application of the metal organic framework for ion removal in seawater, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 2021, 335, 116135.

Lie, J., Liu, J.-C., Closed-vessel microwave leaching of valuable metals from spent lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) using dual-function leaching agent: Ascorbic acid, Separation and Purification Technology, 2021, 266, 118458.

Chu, H., Lie, J., Liu, J.-C., Rapid Leaching of Valuable Metals from Spent Lithium-Ion Batteries with Microwave Irradiation Using Organic and Inorganic Acid, Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy, 2021, 7, 630-641.

Lie, J., Rizkiana, M.B., Soetaredjo, F.E., Ju, Y.H., Ismadji, S., Yuliana, M., Non-catalytic Transesterification of Waste Cooking Oil with High Free Fatty Acids Content Using Subcritical Methanol: Process Optimization and Evaluation, Waste and Biomass Valorization, 2020, 11(11), pp. 5771–5781.

Lie, J., Tanda, S., Liu, J.-C., Subcritical water extraction of valuable metals from spent lithium-ion batteries, Molecules, 2020, 25(9), 2166.

Lie, J., Ismadji, S., Liu, J.-C., Microwave-assisted leaching of rare earth elements (Y and Eu) from waste cathode ray tube phosphor, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 2019, 94(12), 3859.

Lie, J., Rizkiana, M.B., Soetaredjo, F.E., Ju, Y.-H., Ismadji, S., Production of biodiesel from sea mango (Cerbera odollam) seed using in situ subcritical methanol–water under a non-catalytic process, International Journal of Industrial Chemistry, 2018, 9(1), pp. 53–59.

Track Records

Chemical analyst (September, 2012 –May, 2013) in PT. CS2 Pola Sehat (beverage industry), Indonesia.​


2014 - Hibah penelitian program kreatifitas mahasiswa

2015 - The 3rd Winner of Tokyo Tech Institute Commitment Award

2019 - Professor Lee-Chia Ping’s Filial Piety, Chemical Engineering Department, NTUST

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