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CED164 - Physical Chemistry



Course length

200 minutes / week



CED164 - Physical Chemistry


Aning Ayucitra

About the course

Prerequisite courses


Course description and learning objectives

Student completing this course will be able to:
• Explain the first and the second law of thermodynamics.
• Explain phase equilibria, chemical equilibrium, and solutions.
• Explain electrochemistry, kinetics and surface chemistry.

Topics include

1. Properties of gases (perfect gas, real gases)
2. The 1st law (basic concepts, thermochemistry, state functions)
3. The 2nd law (the direction of spontaneous change, concentrating on systems that combne the 1st and 2nd law)
4. Physical transformations of pure substances (phase diagrams, thermodynamics aspects)
5. Simple mixtures (thermodynamic description, properties, phase diagrams, activities)
6. Chemical equilibrium (spontaneous chemical reactions, the response of equilibria to the conditions, equilibrium electrochemistry)


1. Peter Atkins, Julio de Paula, 2006, “Atkins’ Physical Chemistry”, 8th ed., Oxford University Press, New York

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