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CED318 - Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics



Course length

150 minutes / week



CED318 - Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics



About the course

Prerequisite courses

CED164 - Physical Chemistry

Course description and learning objectives

Student completing this course will be able to:
• Explain conservation of mass and energy.
• Assosiate thermodynamic properties in industrial process.

Topics include

1. Introduction
2. Conservation of mass
3. Conservation of energy
4. Entropy: An additional balance equation
5. Some pure fluid industrial application
6. Thermodynamic properties of pure fluids
7. Phase behavior of pure fluids
8. Applications in design of coal-fired power plant and petrochemical
9. Thermodynamic properties of mixtures
10. Gibbs energy calculations


1. Smith J. M., H. C. Van Ness., and Abbott, M. B. 2005. Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, 7th ed, New York: Mc Graw Hill Book Company.
2. Sandler, S. I. 2001. Chemical and Engineering Thermodynamics. 3rd ed. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

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